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Nutty Raw Cacao

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1 SERVING of 30g

Packed with activated nuts, sprouted flaxseeds and sweet prebiotic yacon syrup, this Chocolate Superfood Nutrition Bar is a rich chocolate treat that keeps you energised and satiated for a long time. 

With no added sugars, it is vegan and gluten free. They pack an exceptional nutrient profile making it a super healthy brain & gut food your cells will thank you for.

Perfect on-the-go treat or a deliciously healthy after dinner dessert! 


PURE WHOLE-FOOD INGREDIENTS: ACTIVATED: [almonds, pumpkin seeds*, brazil nuts] walnuts, pistachios, SPROUTED flaxseeds, Peruvian raw cacao powder* (12.5%), cacao butter*, yacon syrup*, raw dried banana, chicory root fibre (inulin), barberries, vanilla bean, cinnamon* [* Certified Organic Ingredients].       

Exciting ways to enjoy it!

This indulgent snack can be enjoyed anytime of the day....

  • Enjoy it as an after dinner guilt-free dessert
  • Blend it in with some fruits to make a delicious, chocolatey smoothie
  • Indulge yourself post workout with slow release energy and cellular recovery
Allergy advice

Contains tree nuts. Made in facilities handling gluten, sesame and peanuts.


Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, unopened for a maximum of 8 days. After that please chill to take it to its expiry date. At its best when consumed within 1 week of opening.

We do not add preservatives in any of our products because we want to bring you the cleanest nutrition possible. Since this product contains the amazing gut-health benefitting prebiotic yacon syrup, it requires this extra attention for storage so that the flavours stay absolutely fresh and delicious!


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Nutty Raw Cacao
Nutty Raw Cacao
Nutty Raw Cacao

Key Ingredients Spotlight

  • 100% Cocoa Dark Chocolate

    RICH IN : Antioxidants - Catechins & Procyanidins, Resveratrol, Magnesium

    Used therapeutically in Mesoamerica since 600BC, cacao contributes to heart, brain and immune health, and protects against cell-damaging oxidative stress and inflammation.

    Our proprietary chocolate blend includes Chocolat Madagascar, single estate Grand Cru de Sambirano. It doesn't contain emulsifiers or undergo chemical processing and alkalisation. This is to ensure the preservation of the delicate flavonoids. Being locally sourced and crafted, it is one of the most ethical and sustainable chocolates in the world! We combine this blend with dates to make our very special chocolate chips.

  • Yacon

    RICH IN : Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and antioxidants

    Yacon, a native Andean therapeutic food since 500AC, contributes to gut health by feeding good bacteria, helps lower bad cholesterol and blood glucose and improves mineral absorption, consequently protecting against age related chronic diseases.

    What makes this low calorie, sweet tasting tuberous root so unique and functional, is that more than 40% of its carbohydrates are in the form of Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which function as a prebiotic. Research has shown that the consumption of these prebiotics promotes a positive modulation of the immune system, improving resistance to infections and allergic reactions.

  • Flaxseed

    RICH IN : ALA Omega-3, Precursor of Lignans, Zinc, Magnesium 

    Hippocrates described their health benefits as early as 650BC. One of the oldest crops, Linum usitatissimum, the Latin name for flaxseeds, means ‘very useful’.

    Sprouted and milled flaxseeds are especially high in ALA Omega-3 fatty acids, soluble fibre, antioxidants, proteins and are the richest plant source of lignans (phytoestrogens) which may have anti-cancer properties. Flaxseed oil does not have these which is why it is best to have milled seeds for maximum benefit. Flaxseeds may help maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol levels and a healthy immune system. Some studies have concluded it to be highly protective against breast cancer.

  • Barberry

    RICH IN: Folate, Choline, Manganese & Dietary fibre

    Used in Chinese medicine as early as 3000 BC, barberries hold 20 X the antioxidant capacity of dried blueberries, and 6.3 X that of goji berries.

    Being very high in Vitamin C and berberine, an alkaloid, they are effective in strengthening the immune system and lowering bad cholesterol and blood glucose.